The Story
Emerging from the depths of what remains of the Wetlands comes dirty surf melodies with electronic beats.
Wetlands was born near the iconic beaches of Southern California but was inspired by what remains of the beautiful but dirty, swampy wetlands. To exemplify the bright and affluent feel of Southern California, I chose the typeface DIN condensed for its clean, modern, structured lines then used a scanner to warp, destroy, and mess up the type. Using this technique, I captured a natural wave and drip effect that embodies the watersheds and swamps of the wetlands. Overlaying deconstructed imagery and texture contributed to the overall punk, collage aesthetic. High-contrasting colors and crude edges matched with organic, photocopied, warped type manifested the surf-grunge, indie-punk, DIY aesthetic and influence of the Wetlands.
Social Media Posts
Graphic posts for Human Offline "Darling" Remix countdown and launch.
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