Creative Direction, Design, & Photo Editing: Kandace Selnick
Samy Ventura
Come Out Now.
Primary advertising campaign for Diesel's underwear line.
"Come Out Now" is a campaign with young adults wearing "male" and "female" underwear in a genderfluid fashion, blurring the lines between gender stereotypes. ​​​​​​​
The target audience is young adults, ages 21-26, who live the diesel philosophy and lifestyle of being free. The design goal is to reach out to the mixed style of young adults and open sexual culture who are against gender stigmas. The art direction is dark with high contrast imagery of young adults having fun and in acts of deviance, expressing the attitude Diesel prides itself on. The campaign would be featured in downtown urban areas, Diesel stores, and as pulsing magazine ads in publications such as Vice and Out Magazine.


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