Client: Max Landwirth
Branding & Animation: Kandace Selnick
Graphis Logo Design Award Winner
Landwirth Legacy Productions, LLC is an entertainment company (created by Max Landwirth) that focuses on creating feature films, short films, music videos, and digital content that inspires personal change
The mission of Landwirth Legacy Productions, LLC is to create entertainment that enriches, educates, and empowers audiences by addressing various social issues and providing solutions to those issues through the cultivation of compassion, mindfulness, and equanimity.
Landwirth Legacy Productions, LLC is a unique company with fresh ideas, fueled by a mindful philosophy of life and a conscious perspective on the entertainment industry.
Landwirth Landwirth Productions, LLC fosters the understanding that individual change is the first step towards lasting social change. 
Our core, our essence, is light. Light is where love originates from and serves as a beacon of hope for people in distress. Light unifies all that is. Landwirth Legacy Productions, LLC represents a unifying force that empowers audience members to embrace the light within themselves. 
By combining the LLP initials with the core concept of light in the shape of a prism - drawing in all visible light contained in white light - the logo and brand identity was born.


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