Destroying Gender.

Wetlands song, "Pink”, is about nonconformity in a pink and blue, binary, gender ruled world. It's about not fitting within stereotypes and being true to yourself no matter where you identify in the vast, fluid spectrum of gender and identity. This song and video hopes to inspire those who do not fit one way or another, but everyone and anyone in between. 
Director: Iván Ovalle
Director of Photography: Gabriel Ovalle
Art Director: Kandace Selnick
Production Design: Daniel Clay Fox 
Production Design Assistant: Kandace Selnick
Assistant Camera: Cameron McMullen
Editor: Iván Ovalle
Colorist: Gabriel Ovalle
Title Design: Kandace Selnick
Social Media: Kandace Selnick
Title Design
Design by Kandace Selnick
Design: Kandace Selnick
Social Media
Design: Kandace Selnick
Behind the Scenes

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