A story about family, Mars, and discovering our place in the universe.
In collaboration with Rachel Simanjuntak, we created "Together" for NASA's 2016 Cinespace short film competition, with a vision to tell a story about the family dynamic and the wonder of earth through the eyes of a young girl, Jes. 

Directors/Writers/Art Direction: Rachel Simanjuntak, Kandace Selnick
Voice of Jes: Rachel Simanjuntak
Storyboard artist:
Kale Huang
Mariano Monardez, Bernard Semerdjian, Rachel Simanjuntak
Watercolor: Rachel Simanjuntak
Title Treatment/Credit TypographyKandace Selnick
Special Thanks: Mauricio Abril, Maureen Panos, Chris Roumeliotis, Xiangshun Shi Trofimov, Mark Vidal

Fan Art! <3

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