Creative Director: Diane Santamaria
Logo Mark, Typography, & Animation: Kandace Selnick
"Troop@SC is Sephora Collection’s exclusive group of content creators, makeup artists, skincare specialists and Sephora enthusiasts - a curated team of some of the most talented creatives who are leaders in the beauty industry."

The Troop@SC mark was in need of a refresh for the new 2022 team of creators that were older, bolder, and more inclusive than previous years before. The refreshed mark also needed to be flexible enough for print and digital applications with scalability.
The goal of the refreshed mark was to be fun, beauty-inspired, mature, approachable, authentic, inclusive, and current (not too trendy) that could evolve with the audience and brand in a timeless fashion. It was important for the mark to compliment the Sephora Collection brand for awareness and to excite interest to learn more.
The final execution was a handwritten mark that evokes authenticity, inclusivity, uniqueness, modernity, and approachability to stand out, yet feel familiar to the audience. ​​​​​​​
A custom handwritten font feels natural and includes the nuances that only pen and paper can create, but never replicated. 
No two letters are alike and that is what makes the mark stand out from competitors who use computer-generated fonts and marks.
Social Media Campaign: The Outdo Group

Original Sketch Exploration


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