Art Direction, Motion Graphics, & Design: Kandace "K" Selnick
Creative Director: Jane Frey
Animated Identity Guide
for the USC Brand & Identity Site ReDesign
Branded GIFs and AR Filters​​​​​​​

AR Filter by Nadia Hernandez; GIFS & Art Direction by Kandace Selnick

Branded Instagram Story Event Templates
Black History Month Digital Campaign

GIF animation for email campaign

Social Graphic

Social Graphic

Instagram Story Templates

Calendar Header

Calendar Graphic

Celebration Graphics

Illustrations by Andrea Pippins; Motion Graphics by Kandace Selnick

Black History Month Instagram Story

Design & Animation by me; Video footage of students by Mark Rivard

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Instagram Post

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Instagram Story

Valentine's Day Instagram Story featuring USC's Official Wellness Dog, Professor Beauregard Tirebiter

Holidays Social Media Post

New Years Social Media Post

Class of 2020 and 2021 Grad Celebration Campaign
Hashtag Hype Meter: Which USC graduating class is LOUDER?
Celebrating the first graduation with two graduating classes - Class of 2020 & Class of 2021

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