Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Design, & Photo Editing: Kandace Selnick
Creative Director: Candice Lawson
Web Developer: Cheryl Xu
Photography: Edward Carreon
In collaboration with the USC (University of Southern California) Human Resources, Equity, and Compliance Strategic Communications team, we set out to elevate the Faculty & Staff experience by optimizing and refreshing the look and feel of the Employee Gateway website and Gateway Connect newsletter.
The goal was to update the look to feel more modern and welcoming by enhancing the user experience and visual brand of the Employee Gateway website and Gateway Connect newsletter. Following the USC Brand & Identity guidelines, an expressive visual system was developed to help guide and captivate users.
Overall, the structure of the site map was improved to help visitors find what they need when they need it, accessibility was improved for an inclusive experience, and the site was built for future scalability,
Website before redesign
Selected redesigned pages
Consistent with the website, the goal was to update the Faculty & Staff Gateway Connect newsletter to be more modern and welcoming by enhancing the user experience, refreshing the visual design, and by developing a minimal design and layout. The template has a modular grid to adapt to various content and highlight featured stories. 
By building a grid and hierarchy, the refreshed design enhanced the readability, scannability, and overall user experience for readers. Built with moveable blocks, the layout can be updated and modified quickly on a weekly basis to accommodate for different kinds of content and amount of news. Additionally, I built a photo template for the team to keep image sizes consistent and create a streamlined workflow between the newsletter and website article posts.
Visual Brand Development
Homepage Animation
Since the homepage banner is the first message a user will land on, the visual needed to encompass and synthesize what users will find in a fun and captivating way. By scrolling between highlighted keywords of resources, news, benefits, and support, the user gets a holistic understanding of the website in a quick and minimal way, without distracting from the other content on the homepage. The highlighted keywords continue across each landing page on the site, utilizing the analogous color palette of the Employee Gateway branding in a gradient form. 
Custom Icons
Custom icons were created to help users navigate through a list of "table of contents" topics on landing pages. The illustrative icons convey the core concept of the topic and page that they depict. The icons were designed as a unified system for consistency and to match the analogous color palette of the Employee Gateway branding (USC Cardinal, red, and orange on a light gray circle).
Icon design by Liz Crabbe
Art Direction by Kandace Selnick
The USC campus has been photographed numerous times and with that challenge in mind, my goal was to photograph the campus with a fresh lens and perspective, capturing special moments and elements that are unique to the USC community. I set out to showcase Southern California and the feeling of stepping into USC, where you are transported to a special campus with Romanesque architecture, waterfalls, clock towers, and cardinal flowers.
After researching and selecting specific locations, I directed the shoot and photo editing to evoke dreamy Los Angeles at sunrise and sunset. The colors of the sky and natural light enhanced the rich, warm tones of campus architecture and captured the spirit of the USC community - located in the heart of one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world.
Selection of featured images below (entire collection not shown).
Photography by Edward Carreon
Creative Direction, Art Direction, and Photo Editing by Kandace Selnick
Engagement banners
Art Direction and design for engagement pages to evoke a unique, celebratory experience. The banner design was also carried through to announce and launch the first edition of the redesigned newsletter.

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