Creative Director: Stephanie Nakhle
Motion Graphics: Kandace Selnick
"Galactic Federation of Light Clothing (GFL) is an apparel brand based in Los Angeles, CA. We invite you to take part in our mission of extending knowledge, truth and positivity to all beings. Join us in becoming forces of light to those around us and raising our consciousness in unison." - GFL
With the launch of the brand and website, Galactic Federation of Light Clothing (GFL) needed a captivating introduction on the landing page that represented the brand and leave viewers wanting to learn more. Inspired by the GFL DNA and brand symbol, the future, the celestial, illumination and spirituality, I created a motion graphics piece presenting the formation of a lightworker, our true beings.
The animation starts with a light beam revealing a figure created by stardust and light. Then, an electric star forms, creating the embodiment of a Light Worker.
Finally, a supernova strikes at the core of the Light Worker, transporting them to the Galactic Federation of Light galaxy.
Caviar Kaspia
Creative Director: Stephanie Nakhle
Collage Design: 
Kandace Selnick
"Kaspia has captured the romance and glamour of Caviar while combining it with the highest level of demand and quality, in order to offer moments of exception. A unique universe that can be found in the Restaurant and its Private Rooms." - Caviar Kaspia
With the launch of Caviar Kaspia's first North American restaurant in Los Angeles and redesigned website, Caviar Kaspia wanted a graphic to capture the chic, elite nightlife of the Culture of Caviar. The house hosts prestigious dinners and events welcoming the most glamorous celebrities and greatest stars of the time. 
The banner is set in a contrasting elegant website, evoking the "behind closed doors", over-the-top experiences that celebrate the “Art of Caviar”, its delicacies, its unique setting, and its festive atmosphere.


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